Jonathan Cook, Ph.D.

Jonathan Cook, Ph.D. Psychological Assistant

Jonathan Cook, Ph.D.
Psychological Assistant

Dr. Cook is a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY30730) specializing in cognitive behavioral treatments for anxiety (e.g., generalized anxiety, social/specific phobias, panic disorder, OCD), depression, and stress. Dr. Cook also has significant experience treating disruptive behaviors, trauma, and grief-related concerns in children and adolescents, and working with adults to help treat trauma, grief, and parenting concerns.

Dr. Cook completed his postdoctoral training at the Pacific Anxiety Group under the supervision of Drs. Tamara Hartl and Laura Horsch, licensed psychologists and co-founders of the Pacific Anxiety Group. Dr. Cook received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (child emphasis) from the University of Missouri in 2013.

As a doctoral student he trained at the MU Psychological Services Clinic where he delivered a variety of evidence-based therapies for children, families, and adults, including cognitive behavioral therapy for anxiety and depression, interpersonal therapy for depression, exposure and response prevention for OCD, parent management training for behavioral problems and combined behavior therapy for Tourette’s syndrome. Dr. Cook also spent an additional year as a clinician in a randomized controlled trial pilot study where he delivered multisystemic therapy to children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders and co-occurring behavioral problems.

Dr. Cook completed a predoctoral internship at the Coalition Against Rape and Domestic Violence in Fulton, Missouri, where he received specialized training in trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TF-CBT), an evidence-based treatment for children who were victims of domestic and sexual violence. Prior to joining the Pacific Anxiety Group, Dr. Cook served as an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, where he developed and taught an Evidence-Based Therapies course designed to prepare undergraduate students for careers in mental health care.

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