Cognitive-Behavioral Group Therapy (CBGT) 
for Social Anxiety


A 12-week class for adults 18 and over is being offered on Friday mornings in our Menlo Park office.
Participants will learn about the:

•    Biological, psychological and social variables that lead to social anxiety
•    Factors that maintain one’s anxiety
•    Cognitive-Behavioral Model of social anxiety

Skill-building will focus on:

•    Identifying negative, Automatic Thoughts
•    Changing maladaptive thinking patterns by implementing cognitive restructuring skills
•    Facing individual’s fears by engaging in exposure exercises

Scheduling Treatment

If you are interested in finding out more about the class, or to schedule an individual evaluation to determine whether the class would be a good fit for you, please call Dr. Faith Brozovich at (650) 762-8352. Clients will need to complete a 45-minute evaluation prior to enrollment.

Classes will be on Friday mornings in Menlo Park.