Rylan Testa, Ph.D.

 Rylan Testa, Ph.D. San Francisco

Rylan Testa, Ph.D.
San Francisco

Dr. Testa is a licensed psychologist who has specialized training in treating conditions related to both physical and mental health. Dr. Testa utilizes acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and integrates tools from other mindfulness practices and evidence-based approaches to address each individual’s needs and aims in therapy. Dr. Testa also grounds his approach in culturally-informed frameworks. He has particular expertise in treating individuals coping with chronic stress and illness, eating and weight concerns, insomnia, substance use, chronic pain, adjustment to major life transitions, anxiety, and mood disorders. His approach to therapy is collaborative, guiding each individual to elucidate their own therapy and life goals and chart a path forward consistent with their aims and values. Dr. Testa sees therapy as a means to not only address acute presenting issues, but to empower individuals with a deeper understanding of oneself and one’s potential going forward. 

Dr. Testa’s experience is broad, as a clinician and former professor focusing on both health psychology and issues related to diversity. He completed his doctor training at Temple University’s PhD program in Clinical Psychology. He has provided services at Drexel University College of Medicine’s Addiction Treatment Center, Wellspring Academy, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs Palo Alto, and the Sexual and Gender Identities Clinic at Palo Alto University. He received specialized training during his internship at the VA Palo Alto in behavioral medicine, substance use, weight management, pre-surgical assessment, chronic pain, and insomnia. Dr. Testa has also contributed in academic settings, as clinical supervisor to doctoral level psychologists at Palo Alto University, and as Assistant Professor and Director of the Health Behavior and Disparities Research Lab at Rhodes College. He has published both empirical works and clinical resources in the areas of health psychology and gender diversity, including The Gender Quest Workbook.

Selected Publications

Testa, R. J., Rider, N., Haug, N., & Balsam, K. F. (2017). Gender confirming medical interventions and eating disorder symptoms among transgender individuals. Health Psychology, 36(10), 927-936.

Testa, R. J., Michaels, M. S., Bliss, W., Rogers, M. L., Balsam, K. F., & Joiner, T. (2017). Suicidal ideation in transgender people: Gender minority stress and interpersonal theory factors. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 125(9), 125-236. 

Testa, R. J., Coolhardt, D., Peta, J. (2015). Gender Quest Workbook: Helping Youth Explore Gender. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications. 

Testa, R. J., & Brown, R. T. (2015). Self-regulatory theory and weight-loss maintenance. Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings, 22(1), 54-63.

Testa, C. R. & Steinberg, L. (2010) Adolescent depression and health-related risk taking. Suicide and Life-Threatening Behaviors, 40(3), 298-305.

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