Advanced Cognitive-Behavioral Skills Group for Anxiety

A monthly, 6-session group for adults 18 or older is being offered on Tuesday evenings in our Menlo Park office.

The group is for individuals with anxiety who have already benefited from cognitive-behavioral therapy (either in individual or previous group therapy), and who would like to receive support for their ongoing use of these skills.

Meetings will include discussion of a topic and opportunity for individual members to request feedback, support, or a chance to practice skills through role-plays.
Topics covered include:

  • Setting meaningful life goals and planning next steps.
  • Maximizing your use of CBT skills.
  • Discussing how changes made as a result of therapy has impacted your relationships (family, work, friends, etc.).
  • Building and maintaining a mindfulness practice.
  • Cultivating compassion and self-compassion.

Scheduling Treatment

If you are interested in finding out more about the class, please call Dr. Judy Wong at (650) 352-3971. Clients will need to complete a 45-minute evaluation prior to enrollment, unless they are already receiving individual treatment at the Pacific Anxiety Group.
Classes will be held on Tuesday evenings, once a month, in our Menlo Park office.