Brandon Tong, Psy.D.

Brandon Tong, Psy.D. Psychological Assistant

Brandon Tong, Psy.D.
Psychological Assistant

Dr. Tong is a licensed, clinical psychologist (PSY30527) specializing in cognitive therapy and behavioral treatments for anxiety (e.g., OCD, panic, social anxiety), depression, stress, and adjusting to transitions. He has extensive training in cognitive therapy, a subset of cognitive-behavioral therapy focused on understanding how shifts in one’s thoughts and behaviors can help reduce distress and bring relief. Tailoring treatment to their needs, Dr. Tong helps others find balance in their lives through compassion, problem-solving, and light humor.

Dr. Tong completed his postdoctoral training at the Pacific Anxiety Group, under the supervision of Dr. Corcoran, Dr. Holaway, and Dr. Hartl, licensed psychologists and co-founders of the Pacific Anxiety Group. He completed his clinical internship at WellSpan Behavioral Health in York, PA, with a focus on providing individual, cognitive therapy for teens and adults, as well as brief, cognitive-behavioral and motivation focused treatments in primary-care (internal medicine) settings. Dr. Tong earned his doctorate in clinical psychology (Psy.D.) at La Salle University, during which he completed clinical rotations in cognitive-behavioral therapies for anxiety and depression, with an emphasis on Beckian cognitive therapy. Dr. Tong also trained in community mental health centers at NHS (now Merakey), University of Pennsylvania's Outpatient Psychiatry Center, and University of Pennsylvania's Weight and Eating Center. There he provided evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral therapy (e.g., Exposure and Response Prevention, Prolonged Exposure, Panic Control Treatment) to adults and adolescents in underserved communities, in addition to participating in study protocols and presurgical evaluations.

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